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To requester for the classes parents must fill out the enrollment and emergency contact forms. When registering for a class in the middle of the school month, the monthly fee will be prorated.

Center regular hours:
Monday till Friday 2:00 pm - 6:30 pm
On early release days the center will be open at 12 noon
On school vacation days the center will be open at 8:00 amp.m.

Monthly activities schedule will be published and distributed to the parents in advance. Parents need to inform the center before  the 1 day of the month if the child will or will not attend the activities at any given month. During school vacations and early release days, the schedule will list available activities for the hours that the center is open. Parents need to inform the center if the child will attend any activities during these days.

School Vacation and Early Release days tuition fees
For children that would like to take advantage of the extra activities at the center during school vacations and early release days, the fees will be calculated in the following order: a fee of $8.00 will be applied to the additional hours at the center, the regular fee will apply to the regular scheduled classes. The monthly fee will be adjusted based on the selected hours/activities.

Missed classes
Fees for missed classes are not refundable. Parents have right for one week  vacation  in a calendar year during any month. There will be no tuition fees applied for that week only. Please notify the center in advance about any upcoming vacation plans.


Monthly payments should be received on the due date on the invoice.Parents will be charged $1 for every overdue day.

Parents pay for some materials needed in class
Accordion  class
Parents pay for renting musical instrument $40 a year. If instrument is

damaged (broken or lost), pay is $130 – full price

Dancing class
Dance uniform is only recommended by a teacher.

Parents, whose children attend dance studio and participate in concerts and dance competition, must sign an agreement that they are responsible for paying registration fee, costumes, video and photo stuff.

Arts and drafts class

Parents pay $30 every 6 months for paints, paper, clue, etc. needed for the lesson.

Russian language, Reading and Math

Parents pay $10 a year for using textbooks and other printed material.

If a textbook is damaged or lost full price of $15 is paid.

Withdrawing from a class
If parent decides to withdraw a child form the class during the month that the tuition fee had been paid, the monthly tuition fee is not refundable. Please inform the center in advance on any plans to withdraw the child from any of the classes.

Wunderkinds Center Closing
The center will be closed on the following days:New YearPresidents DayMemorial DayIndependence DayLabor DayColumbus DayVeterans DayThanksgiving DayFriday After ThanksgivingChristmasThe charges for the above dates are not deductible from the monthly fees.

Snow day closings

If the snow emergency announced for the city or state and public schools are closed, the center will be closed as well. Classes canceled due to snow or other emergency are non-refundable.

Teacher Substitution
If a teacher is unable to teach a scheduled class, the center will use a substitute teacher. If we are not able to substitute the teacher the class will be rescheduled. Parents will be informed about the class/teacher substitutions or if the class will be rescheduled to the later date.

Tuition fees and Schedule Changes
Parents will be informed about any tuition fee or schedule changes in advance.

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